The SecureTM portal* is designed to manage privacy and security risks. It simplifies the process and reduces the time to establish regulatory compliance. Features are tailored to organizations of varying scale and complexity, and reflect data sharing relationships that exist between providers.

Assessment Design

Assessing organizational privacy and security compliance requires developing questions that measure how well regulations are being handled and where disclosure risks exist. SecureTM comes with pre-defined assessments with typical questions, answer options, and risk severity levels. Questions reference the regulations and are conveniently grouped by topic. As no organization is alike, you can add, delete, modify or sort the groups, questions, options, and references to adapt the assessment to your organization. For each answer option that poses a privacy or security risk, you can embed a pre-defined remediation action.

Assessment Management

Part of the challenge is managing the execution of the assessment and ensuring you receive responses from the participants involved.  SecureTM includes tools to assign and distribute assessments among participants. You can communicate via the portal to explain, remind and track responses. When the participants complete their assessments, you can immediately identify the privacy and security issues and their exposure risks.

Remediation Design

The next step is to resolve the identified risks. Defining individualized remediation plans is normally a laborious process, but SecureTM makes it simple. When participants respond, the portal auto-generates their personal plans by matching their responses with the pre-defined remediation actions embedded in the assessment definition. You can freely work with each participant to customize their plan.

Remediation Management

As participants address their plans, they resolve their risk exposure. This outcome requires a process of repeated remediation and assessment, taking several iterations to get it right. When participants have questions and need help, tracking progress can be an administrative chore. SecureTM simplifies this task, offering an integrated assessment and remediation interface with electronic messaging and status tracking. Participants can comply item by item until the entire organization is in compliance.

Meaningful Use

SecureTM enables you to address the privacy and security measures required to attest to Meaningful Use, and the information is readily available to respond to CMS audits.


* SecureTM is a self-directed portal and comes with online guidance and resources. The license must be obtained directly from BluePrint, and support for the tool is provided by BluePrint. Use the Register button to contact BluePrint.