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eQuality Incentive Program (eQIP) – Behavioral Health Grantees

The eQIP program is designed to support eligible Behavioral Health (BH) organizations in the adoption and implementation of interoperable EHRs by providing incentive funds and guidance to assist providers through an eHealth maturity model.

This page is specifically designed for eQIP BH grantees. It houses information and resources to help you progress successfully through the grant program. Please navigate through the headings below to find grant-specific forms, templates, and resources such as webinars, toolkits, and Q&A’s. 

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Templates and Forms


Required Checklists and Forms

Milestone 2: EMRAM Stages 1-3 Checklist
Milestone 3: EMRAM Stages 4-5 Checklist

Use Case Development Form

Past Milestone Reference Documents

Transformation Plan Template – updated June 2nd, 2015
Transformation Plan Template – updated Oct. 22nd, 2015

Health IT Diagram Examples


Please note that these FAQs represent MeHI’s interpretation of the EMRAM requirements to fit Behavioral Health organizations. The A-EMRAM adoption model is intended to serve as a roadmap for Health IT maturity by each Grantee Organization. While the broader functionalities remain the same, many of the details behind each functionality described here are specific to the eQIP Behavioral Health grant program and may disallow achievement of official HIMSS A-EMRAM stages. The guidance provided in this document is not to be used outside of MeHI’s eQIP Behavioral Health grant.

eQIP BH Q&As - Updated May 17, 2016

Milestone Overview

Milestone Overview Table

MeHI Resources

EHR Toolkit

Tools to assist in the procurement of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system

HIE Toolkit

Tools to assist in the plan and implementation to connect an EHR to a Health Information Exchange (HIE)



The Tour By Specialty page for Behavioral Health navigates the website for programs, education, resources and tools that support and relate to Behavioral Health.



2016 Grantee Forum

You can find all information relevant to the 2016 Grantee Forum, including speaker lists, handout materials, and session recordings, on the 2016 Grantee Forum webpage

2015 Grantee Forum 

Photos (click on image to view album)

Attendees at the Grantee Forum

HIway Resources

Mass HIway Consent Presentation 9/11/14: Operationalizing “Opt-In”
Overview of Mass HIway Patient Consent
Mass HIway Consent Resources for Providers


Transformation Plan Webinar – 05/06/2015 Slides | Recording
Introductory and Milestone 1 Overview Webinar – 09/23/2015 Slides | Recording


HIMSS A-EMRAM Stages Overview

Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT)

CMS set standards for commercially available EHR systems to facilitate that providers can comply with the regulations and the requirements of its incentive and assistance programs. CMS certifies whether EHR systems and options meet these standards. Technology that passes the certification is listed as Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) on the ONC CHPL website.

Technology that passes the certification is listed as Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) on the ONC CHPL website.

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