Stage 1

Attesting to Stage 1 Immunization Registry Measure

Attesting to the Stage 1 Meaningful Use measure for Immunization Registry reporting requires sending a valid test message to the Massachusetts Immunization Registry. 

Sending a Valid Test Message

Because you are using CEHRT, your EHR system should be able to generate a valid test message in either HL7 2.3.1 or HL7 2.5.1; however, the MIIS accepts only HL7 2.5.1 (see MDPH’s HL7 Transfer specifications). You will need to contact the MIIS Help Desk ( or (617) 983-4335) for the routing information once you are ready to send the test message. Your Implementation and Optimization Organization (IOO) or EHR vendor will be able to provide instructions specific to your installation.

Upon receipt of a valid test message, MDPH will send you an automated generic technical acknowledgment (ACK). You will need to save this message for verification purposes for each year of Stage 1 Meaningful Use. Please note that all providers should retain all Meaningful Use supporting documentation for a minimum of six (6) years for audit purposes. Once the test message sent to MDPH is successful, your organization can continue to work with MDPH on your HL7 production readiness. Once your organization is ready for HL7 production, you will be put in a queue. MDPH will prioritize the order in which they will work with providers to move them into the production environment, but that will not prevent you from attesting to Stage 1 Meaningful Use, as the only the test message needs to be sent. When your organization is prioritized and you have support from leadership and/or administrators to integrate the MIIS at an organization-wide level, MDPH will work with you to validate all message content, so the data can be properly submitted to the live MIIS system.

If your Valid Test Message Fails

If your valid test message fails, you will receive an automated generic technical acknowledgment (ACK) from MDPH reflecting that your message failed. If you receive this message from MDPH, you will still have met your immunization registry Stage 1 Meaningful Use requirement for the attestation year. For more information, refer to the Stage 1 Meaningful Use Immunization Registry Specification Sheet.

Implementation Steps

  1. If your EHR system generates an HL7 2.5.1 message, work with your Implementation and Optimization Organization (IOO) or EHR vendor to construct the message. Technical specifications for vendors that describe the required message format and content can be found on
  2. If your certified EHR system only generates an HL7 2.3.1 message, you may claim an exclusion for this Stage 1 Meaningful Use requirement.
  3. Once your system is set up according to the technical specifications found above and you have immunization data to submit, please contact the MIIS Help Desk to receive additional technical documentation and information to establish the interface with MDPH: Phone: 617-983-4335 | Fax: 617-983-4301

The MDPH holds weekly HL7 Technical Support calls.
When: Occurs every Thursday from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM EST
Phone: Dial +1 (605) 562-3000 then enter Access Code: 580574#