Mass HIway

In 2012, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts launched the Mass HIway, the statewide Health Information Exchanges (HIE). This publicly supported HIE enables the secure electronic transfer of clinical and other patient data among organizations, including hospitals, doctors offices, pharmacies, labs, skilled nursing facilities, and other healthcare entities.

The HIway is a Direct Messaging platform. Direct Messaging is a way to securely exchange information between healthcare entities. To learn about Direct Messaging, click here.

The HIway can be used to connect the EHRs of the entities to communicate from EHR to EHR via Direct Messaging. If one or both sides don’t have an EHR, the providers can use the HIway’s standalone secure Webmail for Direct Messaging.

HIway 2.0

In 2018, the Mass HIway released HIway 2.0, which is based on the Orion Health's Communicate platform. HIway 2.0 significantly improved the HIE capabilities, as it aligned the HIway with modern interoperability standards, simplified the connection process, and improved the user experience. Review the new features in the graphic shown below.

HAUS Services

The Mass HIway provides HIway Adoption and Utilization Support (HAUS) Services to assist organizations in the effective deployment of HIE to enhance care coordination. These free-of-charge services are available to enable organizations to incorporate HIE and the Mass HIway into their care coordination process. To learn more, click here.

Goals of the Mass HIway

The Mass HIway is operated by EOHHS. The HIway is financed through a state-federal partnership with the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). MeHI's role is to encourage and support the adoption of the Mass HIway and HIE across Massachusetts. 

Implementation of the Mass HIway is a critical component of enabling the Commonwealth’s healthcare community to: 

  • Positively influence care coordination and delivery due to improved access to information
  • Reduce administrative costs throughout the delivery system
  • Improve public health reporting and analytics
  • Enhance patient care communication among providers
  • Increase patient engagement with providers on care plans


To learn more about about the Mass HIway, HIway 2.0, and HAUS Services use the resources listed below.

Mass HIway

These pages provide a detailed overview of the Mass HIway and information on how to get enrolled and connected.

HAUS Services


These pages provide a detailed overview of the available HAUS Services, and information on how enroll.

Mass HIway Toolkit


This toolkit provides information on how to enroll and connect to HIway 2.0, and contains resources to effectively use the HIway.

HIE Toolkit


This toolkit contains tools and Use Case examples for guiding an organization through the HIE implementation process.