HIway Provider Directory 2.0

A Provider Directory is a listing of healthcare providers that includes their Direct Addresses. It contains identifying information such as a physical address, phone number, and name of the provider’s practice. This information enables providers to search for the correct practitioner to receive Protected Health Information (PHI) via Health Information Exchange (HIE).

What is PD 2.0

HIway Provider Directory 2.0 (PD 2.0) is the Mass HIway’s new Provider Directory, and replaces the HIway’s original Provider Directory. PD 2.0 includes an expanded list of clinicians and other providers who participate in HIE and the Mass HIway, and provides enhanced features for easier searching of providers and their Direct Addresses.

The PD 2.0 directory supplies information such as provider type, specialties, credentials, demographics, and service locations, and includes individuals and organizational providers. Organizations and providers can:

  • Search the provider information already included in PD 2.0
  • Send their own provider information to the HIway to be added or updated into PD 2.0

PD 2.0 is a resource for organizations in the Commonwealth to find information on providers with whom they need to exchange data. The directory includes information for HIway participants, as well as providers that use Direct Messaging services through other DirectTrust accredited HISPs. Within PD 2.0 there are two distinct data sets:

   All DirectTrust Addresses
   This data set is maintained by DirectTrust and is a compilation of all Direct Addresses submitted by the HISPs
   that participate in DirectTrust, including the Mass HIway. This set is available as the PD 2.0 Extract.

   All Mass HIway Direct Addresses
   This data set is maintained by the Mass HIway, and is separately available as the HIway Participant Extract.
   The HIway submits this data set to DirectTrust for incorporation into PD 2.0.

PD 2.0 Overview Webinar




Mass HIway Provider Directory

Webinar April 2020


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How to Get Access to PD 2.0

Check the table below to see how you can obtain access to PD 2.0 and the two types of extracts.



HIway Webmail User

You can access all provider information included in PD 2.0 through the “Provider Search” function when you create a new message within webmail. This functionality is available now but only to search for HIway participants. The information for other DirectTrust participants will become available in the spring of 2020.

Other HIway Participant
(XDR Direct or Connect Device)

You will be able to download the PD 2.0 Extract. A new extract with updated information will be made available every month, so that this data can be loaded into your internal directories. The first full PD 2.0 extract that includes Direct Addresses for all DirectTrust member HISPs (e.g. Surescripts, Cerner), as well as the Mass HIway participants, will become available in the spring of 2020.

You can also download the HIway Participant Extract included at the bottom of this page. This extract contains only the providers who use the Mass HIway as their primary HISP.

Healthcare organization that uses DirectTrust accredited HISP other than the Mass HIway

You can download the HIway Participant Extract. This extract contains only information for providers who use Mass HIway Direct Addresses. A new extract with updated information will be made available every month, so that this data can be loaded into your internal directories. The latest HIway Participant Extract is available at the bottom of this page.
(To obtain a copy of the complete DirectTrust Provider Directory, contact your HISP vendor)

DirectTrust accredited HISPs and vendors

The Mass HIway imports Provider Directory updates to DirectTrust each month. The best way to obtain up to date Direct Addresses for HIway participants is to access the DirectTrust Provider Directory export.

Vice versa, Mass HIway relies on DirectTrust accredited HISPs to provide Provider Directory updates to DirectTrust, so HIway users have up to date Direct Addresses for all providers on the DirectTrust network.

Why We Continuously Update PD 2.0

PD 2.0 makes it easier to find providers with whom your organization needs to share health information. Likewise, it makes it easier for other providers to find the providers in your organization. To make that work, we need to ensure that all contact and Direct Address information for all listings is accurate.

A Provider Directory can become outdated when organizations change their contact information and providers join or leave. Our future PD 2.0 updates will ensure that the directory remains aligned with the HIway and other HIE participants. We need your assistance for making these updates.

What We Need from Your Organization

To provide an accurate Provider Directory to all HIway participants, we need each organization to complete three template forms to add new information and/or to update any information already listed in PD 2.0.

The forms, which are listed in the table below, are incorporated into one Excel file. To aid in completing the forms, each form comes with a specification sheet that shows the definition of terms and acceptable drop down responses.

The new forms include information that your organization may have already sent the HIway in previous years, but the number of data fields was expanded to collect more detail for the PD 2.0 directory.

Form Specification Sheet Instructions

Legal Entity Form

Legal Entity Form Spec

Enter information about your organization and its sub-organizations (if applicable). This form asks for details such as legal names, aliases, and contact information.

Organization Template

Organization Template Spec

Enter information about your organization as a whole. This information will be tied to each individual listed in the Provider Template. To avoid double data entry, some information will auto populate from the Legal Entity Form.
Provider Template Provider Template Spec Enter details for each user and/or department in your organization with whom others can securely exchange information. List all individual providers and their direct addresses, NPI numbers, practice addresses, facility locations, et cetera.


To download the forms and specification sheets:

  • If your organization has sub organizations that you would like to list separately in PD 2.0, click here.
  • If your organization has no sub organizations to list separately, click here.


Follow the instructions in the table above to complete the forms. To fill in a form, select the corresponding orange tab in the Excel file (see image below). While filling in a form, move your mouse over a field name to see instructions on how to fill in the field. Use the drop down lists to select from the acceptable responses.

First Update and Future Maintenance

For the first PD 2.0 update, you will need to fill out the entire forms for all your providers that need to be included in PD 2.0 at least once.

For the subsequent PD 2.0 maintenance, you can update the form only as your provider information changes. Maintenance updates don’t need to include information for all providers, just the ones whose information have changed.

Submit completed forms to MassHIway@state.ma.us

If you need assistance with completing the forms from your HIway Account Manager, contact the Mass HIway at:

  1-855-MA-HIway (Option: 2 = Support)

  Email: masshiway@state.ma.us

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Completing the Mass HIway
Provider Directory Template

Webinar March 2020


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PD 2.0 as a Resource for a Trading Partner Directory

Besides PD 2.0, your organization may use its own Trading Partner Directory (TP Directory), which is an internal Provider Directory that is limited to only include providers with whom your organization partners to provide care to shared patients. Using a TP Directory can simplify finding the correct Direct Address of the regular trading partners.

PD 2.0 can become a valuable resource for your organization to maintain its TP Directory. If PD 2.0 is accurate, you can rely on the information to update your TP Directory information. So even if you use your own TP Directory, we still request that you provide the PD 2.0 updates.

To learn more about creating and maintaining a TP Directory, click here.

HIWay Participant Extract

Download the following extracts to obtain the Direct Addresses of all HIway participants. The information is organized in separate extracts for organizations and providers. Provider information including Direct Addresses will be found in the providers file, while the corresponding organizational information, including organizational ID, will be found in the organizations file.

Please note that the Mass HIway actively collects updated individual directories from the HIway participants. The extracts below may not include all providers that use the HIway. If a participating organization or provider you are looking for is not included in the extract, please send an email to MassHIway@state.ma.us, so we can obtain and add their information.

To download the organizations extract, click here.

To download the providers extract, click here.

PD 2.0 Extract

The PD 2.0 Extract, including the HIway and all other published DirectTrust participants, is coming in the near future.