Workflow Design

Implementing an HIE Use Case requires developing new workflows for the sending and receiving side of the information exchange. Your HIway Account Manager will support your organization in redesigning your workflows to incorporate the HIE solution. This will enable your staff to effectively use the Mass HIway or other HIE technologies to share information with your partner organizations.

The workflow design support includes training for managers and staff to utilize process mapping to improve workflow processes. After the training, the Account Managers will facilitate a process mapping session with the staff to incorporate HIE into the workflow.

The images below show examples of swim lane based process maps. The Account Managers will explain how to develop such a map and will work with the staff to determine what the new and more efficient workflow will be once HIE is implemented.

The training and process mapping incorporates pragmatic principles of process improvement. This includes methods to evaluate the activities mapped to highlight efforts that don’t add value, result in inefficiencies, or cause bottlenecks that slow down the process. It also covers techniques to identify and implement improvement opportunities to enhance and optimize the workflow.

The HAUS Services also include the option to attend our advanced training workshops for change management and process improvement. These workshops are organized and presented by MeHI’s Outreach and Education team. To learn more, click here.

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