2014 MeHI Provider and Consumer Health IT Research Study

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Massachusetts Progressing Well – More Work To Do

The key findings from the "2014 MeHI Provider and Consumer Health IT Survey" are as follows:

  • Key FindingsThe adoption of Health Information Technology among Massachusetts primary care and specialty care providers is progressing well, as these groups boast over a 90 percent EHR adoption rate;
  • Health information exchange is on the radar of a clear majority of providers, with 26 percent reporting they are participating in an HIE and 68 percent of those not connected are planning to connect, but additional clarity and support for these providers is required;
  • Focus is needed on increasing EHR adoption in other sectors, particularly behavioral health and long-term and post-acute care organizations, which show a lower adoption rate of 55 percent; and
  • Consumers are excited about healthcare technology and have an overwhelmingly positive attitude toward health IT adoption and use.  Providers can harness the value of this by engaging patients and encouraging them to use this information to become more involved in their own care and make decisions that promote their health.

Data from this research will also help MeHI’s efforts in targeting those providers who need assistance meeting the legislatively-mandated requirements of Chapter 224, which include the following key dates:

  • January 1, 2015 – Demonstrated proficiency in health IT will be a requirement for renewal of a physician’s license;
  • January 1, 2017 – All providers are required to fully implement interoperable EHR systems that connect to the Mass HIway.

Safe and secure access to health data can be transformative for individual patients as well as for the Commonwealth, leading to more informed decision-making by consumers, new technology innovations, advanced research and discoveries, and new public health insights.