Electronic Health Record Toolkit

The EHR Planning and Procurement Toolkit provides a structured process for how to purchase an EHR system. It leads you through four procurement phases and links to tools and resources that support the process.

Review the full EHR Planning & Procurement Toolkit, or refer to the specific phases and tools below as they apply to the active stage of your procurement process. The toolkit is best viewed in Internet Explorer or Firefox*

Learn how to navigate the EHR Planning & Procurement Toolkit by viewing this On Demand Webinar.

We welcome your feedback on the EHR Toolkit and invite you to fill out a webform to submit your comments and suggestions or to ask questions.

*Other browsers like Chrome will display the content, but may reset the toolkit back to the top page after you review linked webpages.

HIT Vendor Directory

View the HIT Vendor Directory for a listing of Health IT vendor products that provide information technology solutions.