Mass HIway Features

Identity & Access Management
Verifying you are who you say you are, and confirming your need to utilize the Mass HIway are foundational elements to the trusted exchange of health information. A first step in that process is to register for HIway access via the Virtual Gateway – a web-based registration workflow. Once registered, HIway Operations will verify your identity as required as a Registration Authority.

Certificate Management
The HIway maintains a Public Key Infrastructure, thus manages issued digital certificates. These certificates support trusted exchange by authenticating senders and receivers.

Secure Messaging
A core element to the HIway is the exchange of secure messages. The HIway has adopted the Direct Project’s protocol for directed exchange using either secure SMTP routing or XDR document exchange. Additionally, you may opt for our secure webmail service, a hosted email service that includes a continuity of care document (CCD) reader.

Message Transformation
Given the different routing protocols enabled via the HIway, there needs to be a service that transforms these messages from one protocol to another. This service facilitates the viewing of messages originated as, for example, secure SMPT versus XDR.

Directory Look-up Services
A pre-requisite to sending messages is to address the message to an intended recipient. To locate that address, you may contact the recipient directly and manually acquire their address, or you may use the online lookup service to locate the recipient’s direct address as needed.

Participant Directory
The HIway’s participant directory matches organizations to the participants within that organization. Participants may be individuals by name or by role. As an example, Community Hospital A may have 30 physicians all of whom may be listed by name in the directory. Alternatively, Acute Care Hospital B may have 100 physicians, but opt to only list Medical Records in the directory. How participants are listed should match the preferred processing of inbound messages. Directory entry currently will occur via a bulk upload of a spreadsheet of participants.

Registry Interfaces via the Clinical Gateway
The HIway will enable the submission of registry reporting for 5 public health registries: Immunizations, Syndromic Surveillance, Children's Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI), Cancer and Opioid Treatment. For instance, the HIway enables providers to send Immunization messages from an EHR to MIIS, the Massachusetts Immunization Information System, as required for Meaningful Use.

The webmail functions allows users to easily send encrypted messages using standard webmail capabilities, which includes 1) secure send/receive of messages and attachments and 2) viewing CDA attachments in the browser. The services focuses on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 recommendations for making web content more accessible. Currently, messages can only be sent to and received by Mass HIway participants.