Privacy & Security

As healthcare providers move from using paper records to Electronic Health Records (EHR), they positively change how patients experience care. Technology puts an abundance of patient data at a provider’s finger tips, helps ensure the data stays up to date, facilitates care coordination, and enables correlating data to improve population health. However, patient data and its derivatives are considered Protected Health Information (PHI). To reap the electronic benefits, it is imperative the technology and its use meet privacy and security regulations defined by HIPAA and Meaningful Use.

Providers must put processes in place to secure the data and safeguard it from unauthorized use. Breaches result in fines and perceived security risks can cause patients to withhold vital information. Addressing the extensive regulations is no trivial matter.

Providers need to assess their practice’s privacy and security status, develop remediation plans to resolve gaps, communicate resolution steps to providers involved, and track progress in addressing issues. We suggest to follow a process with the steps outlined in the graph.

When providers participate in the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program, they need to conduct a Security Risk Analysis to comply with the Meaningful Use requirements. 

ONC Security Risk Assessment Tool

Download this free Securitiy Risk Assessment Tool from the ONC website. This tool is meant to assist providers and professionals as they perform a risk assessment.

SecureTM Privacy and Security Portal

Another alternative is to obtain licensed access to SecureTM*, a portal that facilitates compliance with privacy and security statutes. Its features enable you to assess and mitigate disclosure risks associated with PHI data, and attest to the Meaningful Use privacy and security measures. It provides a framework to comply with future measures, as you can progressively update prior year assessments. 

SecureTM contains advanced functionality to design risk assessments and remediation plans, track progress and ensure compliance. You can customize the templates to fit your workflows and organizational needs.

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