Digital Health Care Innovations Congress

Innovate. Engage. Disrupt.

Health care in the US is fragmented with a need for greater collaboration across the continuum. This one of a kind meeting brings together leaders from hospitals, health plans, and employers to break down the walls that segment our efforts and create connections between stakeholders to promote prevention, bend the cost curve, and create greater consumer satisfaction.

Virtual Health Care Summit

  • Hear how Cleveland Clinic uses agile methodology to align people, processes, and technology to drive digital transformation
  • Learn how Cone Health, Ascension Healthcare, and Providence St. Joseph Health strategically expand and scale their telehealth programs
  • Discover how Intermountain Healthcare understands the patient journey to deliver care how, when, and where patients need it
  • Explore how the University of Mississippi Medical Center has created a culture to embrace digital transformation
  • Discuss how Boston Children’s Hospital operationalizes virtual health to achieve provider adoption

Innovations in Wellness and Population Health Management Summit

  • Increase long-term engagement and strengthen program value in an evolving wellness market
  • Design and implement the strongest wellness programs
  • Integrate the mission of population health across the continuum of care
  • Create measurable analytical tools, strengthen supportive partnerships, and improve adherence and engagement rates for members and employer groups

Population Health Analytics Summit

  • Learn how to integrate internal and external data from disparate data sets to ensure your analytics provide complete, actionable insights
  • Develop real-time analytics to implement interventions for high risk patients to reduce their risk of admission or readmission
  • Outline how to define, measure, report, and distribute quality data to engage providers
  • Explore different ways to stratify your population to assess where to direct your resources
  • Determine how providers want to receive risk data and how they plan to use it to operationalize your analytics
  • Consider how to build the right analytics team to shape a data-driven culture that supports value-based care

Event Info

Date & Time 
Monday, July 30, 2018 - 7:30am to Wednesday, August 1, 2018 - 3:00pm
Sheraton Boston
39 Dalton Street