What Can The National Weather Service Teach Us About Disseminating Health Care Price Information?

September 12, 2019
Health Affairs

John D. Freedman, Linda R. Green, and Ateev Mehrotra explore the possibility of health care successfully following the National Weather Service model of data collection and dissemination. They investigated how the the National Weather Service learned about the data they had, their successes and failures in disseminating it, and what they saw as the opportunities for and barriers to sharing that data. 

From those findings they believe the best way to demonstrate the potential of this strategy in health care is to provide concrete examples of the myriad ways price data can be creatively disseminated. Therefore, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the State of New Hampshire, the Massachusetts eHealth Initiative, the Donaghue Foundation, Harvard Medical School’s Department of Health Care Policy, and Freedman Healthcare are partnering to launch a data dissemination challenge

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