MeHI Launches Technology Development Grant Program with Israeli Counterpart

August 16, 2013
Mass Tech Press Release

Program Aims to Establish Business Ties in Critical ‘eHealth’ Sector as part of Massachusetts – Israel Innovation Partnership (MIIP) 

BOSTON - The Massachusetts eHealth Institute at the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MeHI) today announced the launch of a new program with the Israeli Industry Center for R&D (MATIMOP) which will offer grants to eligible applicants to spur innovation in the emerging health IT sector in both Massachusetts and Israel.  This new program, part of the 2011 Massachusetts Israel Innovation Partnership (MIIP) agreement, will offer grants to eligible applicants to fund corporate collaborations between companies in each of the states.

The joint program will be overseen by MATIMOP on behalf of Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) in the Ministry of Economy and by MeHI on behalf of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.   A key focus of the program will be emerging technologies such as mobile health, telemedicine and big data analytics, capitalizing on the emerging technology expertise of companies in both Massachusetts and Israel.

"In order to win the future, we must compete for jobs on the global playing field,” said Governor Deval Patrick. “Collaborating with Israel helps us secure the investments and develop the partnerships in the innovation industries where we already have an advantage.”

The Massachusetts Israel Innovation Partnership (MIIP) is a formal collaboration between the state of Israel and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to facilitate co-investment in research and development projects between Massachusetts and Israeli companies.  The Commonwealth is the first U.S. state to establish a significant joint industrial R&D program with the State of Israel, a direct result of Governor Patrick’s 2011 Massachusetts Innovation Economy Partnership Mission - a ten-day trade mission the Governor made to Israel with a delegation of the Commonwealth’s leading business executives and senior government officials.

“We are very excited to expand our collaboration with the State of Massachusetts and launch, together with MassTech, a dedicated funding platform for industrial partnerships in the fields of eHealth, telemedicine and mobile health", said Israel Shamay, Executive Director and Head of the Americas Operations for MATIMOP, the Israeli center for industrial research and development.  "Our joint program is designed around innovation and collaboration which serve as key enablers for business growth and job creation in both States.”

Mass Tech and MeHI will provide an approved Massachusetts company a maximum grant of $100,000 over two-years to fund a joint project with an Israeli partner, covering up to 50% of permitted expenses incurred under the venture.  The program has strict cost-sharing and reporting goals, designed to spur private investment in the innovation partnership.

“This collaboration will help us forge deep ties with companies in Israel, sharing the knowledge and insight Massachusetts has built in the growing health IT sector,” states Pamela Goldberg, CEO of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative. “The Commonwealth is a leader in the delivery of world-class health care and in the development of innovative IT solutions, from electronic health records to online medical tools.  We also look forward to working with our partners in Israel, another hub of innovation.”

The MIIP launched in September 2011 with MATIMOP and three Massachusetts agencies, including MassTech, the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.

“Israel and Massachusetts are two of the leading global markets for health IT,” states Laurance Stuntz, Director of MeHI.  “In Massachusetts, the health care and IT sectors are delivering nearly $100 billion in annual economic activity and support for over 700,000 jobs.  By partnering with MATIMOP, we will expand business connections between our states while advancing technical innovation in the Health IT space – a win/win for both economies.”

Mass Tech and MATIMOP will host a joint workshop in Boston in October 2013 for interested participants, with additional details to be announced at a later date.  Responses from the joint Massachusetts/Israeli partners are due to MeHI by December 17, 2013.  Additional information, including copies of the Request for Proposal and related forms, can be found on MassTech’s website:


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