Mass HIway Regulations: January 1, 2018 Connection Requirement

January 17, 2018
Mass HIway


"The two Provider Organization types indicated below with required dates for connecting to the Mass HIway must submit information including whether or not they have an EHR; how their EHR, if any, connects to the Mass HIway; and information about the Use Case implemented over the Mass HIway using the applicable Year 1 or Year 2 Attestation Form. For additional information, please review the Mass HIway RegulationsMass HIway Regulations Summary and Mass HIway Regulations FAQ

"To review the complete definitions of these Provider Organizations, see section 20.06 Provider Organizations of the Mass HIway Regulations.

How to Submit the Attestation Form

"The online versions of the Year 1 and Year 2 Attestation Forms are expected to be made available March 1, 2018. The Mass HIway prefers the online method of submitting Attestation Forms over the PDF version. However, Provider Organizations that are required to connect and prefer to attest prior to March 1, 2018 may complete the applicable Attestation Form and submit to "

Webinar slides and recording on this have been posted here.