Learn about Top Digital Health Collaborations across the Commonwealth

June 5, 2019
MassDigitalHealth.org editors


Did you know that Massachusetts is home to over 350 digital health companies? While Boston is typically referred to as the biotech hub of the world, the digital health ecosystem is also booming in the Commonwealth. Since 2016, the Massachusetts Digital Health Initiative has been focused on supporting digital health companies, fostering the digital health ecosystem, and bringing jobs to the Commonwealth.

How does this ecosystem of top companies, hospitals, researchers drive digital health innovation? Below are a few stories that spotlight ‘Made in Mass.’ collaborations:      

1.) Rendever

The Patriots Parade in 2019

Did you know the most recent Patriots parade had a virtual reality camera on one of the duck boats?

Rendever, a company that provides virtual reality experiences for seniors, collaborated with the City of Boston to bring a unique experience to seniors who couldn’t attend the Patriots Super Bowl LIII parade in downtown Boston.

This public-private partnership is one of the many examples of the incredible impact organizations can have when collaborating together.

Photo: In February 2019, Rendever used VR to bring the Patriots parade to seniors who couldn't attend. 


2.) Pillo Health

Pillo presents at the Finale of the MassChallenge HealthTech (formerly PULSE@ MassChallenge) in June 2018.

Who are some of the emerging startups in Massachusetts? Pillo Health is a Boston-based technology company that is focused on improving quality of life for patients in their homes. They have been creating such an impact on the industry. Most recently, the company raised $11 million, which will go towards developing their first voice-first home healthcare product.

Most recently, Pillo Health has collaborated with Folia HealthOrbita, and AARP to advance health tech solutions. Since 2018, after participating in the MassChallenge HealthTech program, AARP has continued to engage with startups that are leading the charge in voice technology, patient engagement, and chronic disease management. This is one of the many examples of startups collaborating with leading organizations to improve patient care.

Photo: Pillo presents at the Finale of the MassChallenge HealthTech (formerly PULSE@ MassChallenge) in June 2018.​

3.) Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare

Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare has long been known as an innovative health plan. In that role, the organization has been working with various digital health companies like 3DermDynamiCare Health, and Buoy Health to bring cutting edge solutions that improve quality and reduce cost to their members.

In April, Harvard Pilgrim hosted their annual showcase, where their employees and community had the opportunity to interact with various digital health startups, some of which are current members of the MassChallenge HealthTech accelerator program.

Photo: Pumpspotting presents at the Harvard Pilgrim showcase in April 2019. 



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