Jennifer Pelletier

Jennifer Pelletier

Job Title 
Administrator, Country Center for Health and Rehabilitation

Jennifer Pelletier is the administrator at Country Center for Health and Rehabilitation in Newburyport, MA. She has served as the administrator of Country Center for the past three years.  Country Center celebrated their first deficiency free survey in many years, September of 2017.

Jennifer was born and raised on the north shore of Massachusetts. She began her career in long term care as a social worker in 1997, after seeing the care her great grandmother received during her stay at a facility in Danvers. This motivated Jennifer to want to become a social worker within the long term industry.

Just one year after being in the field at the age of 22, Jennifer became a Director of Social Services. With each year passing, came a yearning to learn more within the industry. A few years after being named Director of Social services, she tried her hand at becoming a discharge planner and admissions coordinator.

In 2010 an opportunity came where Jennifer was invited to train as an administrator with a former supervisor. During this time she was hired as the assistant administrator at a premier facility in Salem, MA. In 2011, she obtained her nursing home administrator’s license from the state of Massachusetts. In 2012, she went to take on her first building as an administrator. Each new position brought a promise of hope and change that she could make a significant difference in the lives of elderly.

When she is not working she usually spending time with her two teenage daughters and her family/friends.