Western / Central Region


The Western/Central region ranges from the western state border to Central Massachusetts, through roughly I-495, and includes the following three Communities:

  • Berkshires
  • Pioneer Valley/Franklin
  • Central Massachusetts

There are many organizations in this region that coordinate care through the effective use of Health IT. 

Community eHealth Assessments

MeHI's eHealth Community Managers assessed the needs of healthcare stakeholders throughout 15 communities in Massachusetts. The purpose of the needs assessments was to gain a better understanding of the Health IT ecosystem at a state and local level to inform the development of Community and Statewide eHealth Plans. The following are assessment reports from the Western/Central region which will be integrated into the statewide plan.  

Community eHealth Assessment - Berkshires
Community eHealth Assessment - Pioneer Valley/Franklin
Community eHealth Assessment - Central Massachusetts

Regional Highlights

Check out some of the Health IT progress and approaches happening in the area.

Reliant Medical Group - EHR Adoption
Holyoke Medical Center
Mass Memorial Health Care

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