Guidelines for Contacting Mass HIway Participants

These guidelines for using the HIway Connections Map to communicate with other organizations was developed in collaboration with the Mass HIway team, to help optimize the collaboration between organizations that are connected to the Mass HIway.

Healthcare Providers

We appreciate if healthcare providers follow the instructions below to contact other organizations listed in the HIway Connections Map:

  • Use the map to find out if your trading partners are connected to the HIway, or search for organizations you would like to partner with via the HIway in the future.
  • Listed organizations may not be ready to use the HIway. If you send a HIway message to an organization that isn't ready, they may not process what comes in.
  • Organizations should therefore first contact their trading partner to confirm they are ready to receive messages before sending any messages over the Mass HIway.
  • If you need assistance in brokering a discussion with your trading partner, or you want to become a Mass HIway participant, contact the HIway Account Managers.

​To support the process, we recommend that organizations develop use cases for the intended HIway exchange. This will facilitate the specification and implementation. The HIE Toolkit explains the use case process.

For more information, contact the Mass HIway team at or call 1 855 MA HIway (624-4929):
Participants, select option 2 for user support. Not a Participant yet? Select option 1 for enrollment help.


If you are a patient, you can use the HIway Connections Map to verify whether your healthcare organization has adopted the Mass HIway Health Information Exchange to transform healthcare delivery.

To learn more about the Mass HIway, visit: