eQuality Incentive Program (eQIP)

The eQIP program provides funding and guidance to eligible Massachusetts Behavioral Health (BH) and Long-Term and Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) organizations to adopt and implement interoperable Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. eQIP is a funding initiative within the scope of our eHealth eQuality program.

According to MeHI’s 2014 Provider & Consumer Health IT Research Study, non-affiliated BH and LTPAC providers in Massachusetts have an EHR adoption rate that is significantly lower than the rate of Primary Care and other specialty providers. eQIP therefore specifically provides funding to BH and LTPAC providers to incentivize their use of Health IT and to enhance the quality and efficiency of healthcare, while containing costs.

eQIP will support BH and LTPAC providers through a milestone-based maturity model to integrate them into the statewide Health IT infrastructure. Integration will help providers improve care coordination, ease transitions of care, and advance health care in Massachusetts. This will also enable them to align with the health reform regulations.

EHR Toolkit  

Guidance, tools and templates to procure an EHR system can be found in MeHI's EHR Toolkit. The toolkit provides a structured process for how to evaluate and select a vendor, and important considerations when purchasing an EHR.

HIE Toolkit

The HIE Toolkit provides tools and use case examples for guiding an organization through the Health Information Exchange (HIE) process.