RFQ for MeHI Communications & Outreach Services

Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (“Mass Tech Collaborative”), on behalf of Massachusetts eHealth Institute (“MeHI”), is issuing this Request for Qualifications for Communications & Outreach Services (RFQ No.2016-MeHI-01) (the “RFQ”) to solicit responses from qualified contractors (“Respondents”) with experience supporting outreach teams in executing integrated communication and outreach strategies. The desired firm will have in-depth knowledge of and experience in the Health IT field, including but not limited to the areas of Electronic Health Records (“EHR“), Meaningful Use (“MU”), Health Information Exchange (“HIE”), and the federal and state funding designed to advance the adoption of Health IT programs, such as the Medicaid EHR Incentive Payment Program.

Respondents will be competing against each other for selection to provide the consulting services set forth herein (the “Communication Services”).  The submissions of all Respondents shall be compared and evaluated pursuant to the evaluation criteria set forth in this RFQ, and one or more Respondents may be selected to provide these services.

MeHI’s Outreach and Operations (“O&O”) team works with the Mass Tech Collaborative team to develop and executes communication and outreach strategies and implementation plans. However, in this process we need qualified consulting services to supplement our internal staff to provide “Communications Services” as defined below. Specifically, we need qualified creative marketing and digital expertise to assist in the strategy implementation. We anticipate that services procured through this RFQ will begin November 1, 2015 and will continue as needed for up to two years.  The selected contractor(s) will need to adapt to changing requirements as MeHI’s mission, strategies and in-house capabilities develop. MeHI expects that selected contractors will be paid for services rendered on a time and materials basis.

“Communications Services” provided by qualified contractors may include the following tasks:

  • Participate in regular or topic-specific onsite creative brainstorming and progress tracking sessions
  • Advise MeHI’s O&O team in the development of its outreach strategies and associated initiatives;
  • Assist in the implementation of outreach projects and campaigns as requested and assigned by the O&O team pertaining to the MeHI website, brochures, flyers, reports, emails, spotlight stories, and presentations in collaboration with the O&O team. Collaborate with the O&O team to:
    • Write inbound, outbound, educational, and informational messaging and outreach content;
    • Design icons and graphics aligned with MeHI’s branding and look and feel;
    • Produce infographics to represent the Health IT landscape and MeHI initiatives;
    • Create templates for MeHI content and graphics;
    • Develop social media content for various platforms;
    • Edit webinar recordings and other videos for posting on YouTube and the MeHI website;
    • Assist MeHI branding efforts;
    • Develop layouts, e.g. for spotlight stories, publications, brochures, manuals, exhibit booths;
    • Assist MeHI at times with website content management, content strategy, and/or the development of additional Drupal-based functionality on the MeHI website;
    • Follow MeHI’s Agile prototyping and piloting approach for the O&O developments, to move the outreach efforts forward, and to enable the program teams to select from alternative options;
    • Assist MeHI’s management in developing new in-house outreach capabilities; and
    • Produce weekly progress reports, including project and time management reporting.

MeHI requires that firms interested in providing Communications Services possess domain knowledge in the following areas:

  • Health IT;
  • Federal and State of Massachusetts’s regulations pertaining to the dissemination of Health IT, including but not limited to:
    • Electronic Health Record systems
    • Health Information Exchange
    • Meaningful Use
    • Physician Quality Reporting Systems (“PQRS”)

MeHI requires that firms interested in providing Communications Services possess prior experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Marketing material development;
    • Graphic design using: Adobe Illustrator; Photoshop; and InDesign;
  • Video editing capability;
  • Outbound messaging writing;
  • Inbound social media message writing for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social platforms;
  • Educational manuals writing;
  • Social media graphics design;
  • Drupal infrastructure development;
  • Drupal database development;
  • Drupal release roll-outs;
  • Salesforce.com to Drupal interfacing; and
  • Project Management, Metrics Development, and Progress Reporting.

Full details included in the RFQ document available below.

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