Mount Wachusett Community College Associate Program

Associate Program

Program name Health Information Management
Institution Mount Wachusett Community College
Address 444 Green Street
City Gardner, MA
ZIP Code 01440
Certificates and degrees Associates in Science


The Health Information Management program is designed to prepare graduates to enter the workforce and work in various positions relevant to the management of health data.  Health information management is a little known; but vital, component of the healthcare process. Individuals working in HIM are at the intersection of Medicine, Business, and Legal, and play a vital role in ensuring that the healthcare organization is compliant with state and federal regulations regarding capture, storage, and release of all medical data. This field is seeing rapid expansion with major federal initiatives: the conversion of all medical records to electronic medium at a national level, and the conversion of the coding structure used throughout the US, as well as a new method of paying for healthcare (pay for performance). These initiatives will require significant new hiring of HIM credentialed people to meet workforce needs over the next ten years. It has been noted that individuals who have an interest in the medical field and information technology skills may contribute greatly to the healthcare industry without being direct care providers.