Bristol Community College Certificate Program

Bristol Community College

Program name Medical Coding
Institution Bristol Community College
Address 777 Elsbree St.
City Fall River, MA
ZIP Code 02720
Certificates and degrees Certificate of Completion: Medical Coding
Full time or part time Full time (recommended)
Online learning options Yes


Students in this program are on the career path to become a medical coder.  A medical coder is the expert who abstracts all pertinent information from a patient health record and assigns the most accurate ICD-9-CM diagnoses and procedure codes.

Program Description:  Medical coding professionals are positioned, with their expert knowledge diagnosis and procedure coding, to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and proper entry of diagnostic information into computer systems in a variety of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, physician offices, nursing homes, home health agencies, mental health facilities, and public health agencies. Students completing this program at BCC typically sit for their CCA (Certified Coding Associate) certification.  This credential sets a coder apart by signifying that the person has the commitment to becoming a competent coding professional.   Employment opportunities exist in all areas of healthcare where patient health records are used.  Those candidates planning on continuing their education in the future are encouraged to contact the program director to discuss class choices.

Contact Information

Bonnie Warner
508-678-2811 ext 3665