Consumer Engagement

MeHI’s Consumer Engagement Program (initiative? program hasn't been developed) is an effort to provide patients, providers and the general public with a broad understanding of the benefits of interoperable electronic records systems for care delivery, care coordination, improved quality and greater cost efficiency. 

Our objective is to build on a constituency of organizations which are successfully engaging patients, their family and caregivers, and explore ways to establish an efficient and innovative path forward. 

The overarching goal of this program is to grow awareness of the value of eHealth among the citizens of the Commonwealth by encouraging them to become digitally engaged in healthcare management for themselves and those they care for. 

Consumer Research

Phase 1: Qualititive Research

In early 2016, MeHI conducted qualitative research which focused on patients and caregivers, their relationships with their providers and health systems, and their attitudes toward the use of technology for managing their care or the care of loved ones. Overall, patients reported more positive experiences and attitudes toward healthcare providers and the use of technology whereas caregivers generally shared feelings of frustration and negative experiences in response to the same questions.

(Final Report - Graphic - report reside under "eHealth Reports")

(research results infographic?)

Phase 2: Quantitative Research 

The next round of research, the quantitative surveys, were designed to specifically address the needs of caregivers and gain a better understanding of their attitudes toward healthcare technology. (discuss findings)

(research results infographic)

Phase 3: Program Development

MeHI will leverage the research findings and subject matter expertise to determine effective and intentional programming to address the needs of Massachusetts caregivers.



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