AdvantageseHealth Advantages

eHealth provides a high potential platform to transform health care practices and work flows through computerized information and decision-making systems that facilitate and coordinate the care of patients. In particular, Health IT allows for the secure exchange of information between providers, patients, payers, government and other relevant stakeholders who can positively impact patient care and population health. Promoting the consistent and wide spread use of eHealth technology is regarded as a powerful tool to improve the quality and efficiency of the healthcare system at reduced cost in alignment with the Triple Aim.

Required investments in eHealth and Health IT can be substantial. Informed decisions are in order to establish a return on investment. However, when implemented thoughtfully and with the end goal in mind, there are many benefits that can be derived from the technologies, which can be expected to offset both the effort and investments required.

These benefits include:

  • Improved quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the care processes and workflows;
  • Increased accuracy of procedures and less medical errors;
  • New and enhanced medical care capabilities;
  • Direct access to comprehensive patients' medical records and other relevant information;
  • Better communication and collaboration between providers when treating mutual patients; 
  • Electronic engagement with patients in and outside the doctor's office;
  • Improved protection of the privacy and security of patient information;
  • Reduced administrative overhead of patient scheduling, tracking, billing, et cetera;
  • Less waste created by paper records;
  • Overall improved access to better health care; and
  • Reduced cost of health care procedures and of the overall healthcare system.


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