Community Engagement

The Connected Communities Program aims to catalyze collaboration and advance the adoption and use of Health IT to improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs. Through engagement activities, our eHealth Community Managers have collected feedback from healthcare providers and IT professionals to better understand the Health IT and HIE ecosystem at the state and community level.

Engagement Process

To better understand the Massachusetts Health IT and HIE ecosystem, MeHI conducted a needs assessment of healthcare stakeholders in 15 communities across the state.

Through interviews and roundtables, our eHealth Community Managers gathered input from participants centered on four domains: clinical/business needs, internal challenges, external barriers, and ideas for improvement. Responses were collected, codified into categories, and ranked by the frequency of response.

MeHI held roundtable meetings in each community to present and discuss the findings. Through group dialogue, top categories and themes evolved. Based on the roundtable feedback, we ranked the categories to identify eHealth priorities for Community eHealth Plans.The goal was to develop actionable plans that show value for each community.

The Community eHealth Plans will be integrated into the Statewide eHealth Plan. Furthermore, a subset of the identified themes have been incorporated into a grant program to align community plans and grants. The Connected Communities Implementation Grant Program was launched in May 2015.

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