Premier Medical Informatics and Healthcare Event Heads to Boston April 28-29

Featuring cross-industry connections and innovative solutions needed to boost biomedical research and the healthcare industry to the next level, Medical Informatics World 2014 arrives in Boston next month (April 28-29), assembling 300 senior-level thought leaders and executives from healthcare, biomedical sciences, health informatics and IT.

This premier educational and networking event is a must-attend for organizations and individuals looking to stay current with the latest developments in this rapidly evolving field.

Friends of MeHI can save the following on registration: $200 off commercial; $100 off academic, government, hospital, health systems, health plans. Use code 1466MEHI

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Held in conjunction with the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo '14, will dive into emerging trends and solutions in population health management, payer-provider-pharma data collaborations, optimizing patient care and engagement, leveraging mobile technologies, sustaining innovation within the rapidly changing care delivery models, enhancing clinical decision support, controlling costs and improving quality, and maintaining security-privacy in healthcare.

As health IT - including  electronic health records (EHRs) and health information exchange (HIE) - will play pivotal roles in the the future of healthcare delivery, MeHI Director Laurance Stuntz and HIE Director Sean Kennedy will serve as featured presenters.

Mr. Stuntz will address how patients can use the MassHIway, the states health information exchange (HIE), to take control of their data; Mr. Kennedy will speak on how the HIway is creating better outcomes through improved care coordination.